Divorce Financing Firms As Last Resort

Divorce Financing Firms As Last Resort

It’s no secret that litigating a divorce can be incredibly expensive. This fact can often seem daunting for the party who has been the stay-at-home caretaker of the family, or otherwise earns a small fraction of that of his/her spouse. Divorce financing firms might appear to be an attractive option for such a spouse. However, as noted in a recent New York Times article, the Read More

Beyond the Birth Plan: Tough decisions for new parents (part 3)

In the final part of this series, I’ll now cover the last will and testament and why it’s so important for your child. Let’s do it. Who Gets Your Kid Since I’ve kept this series of posts so light and cheerful so far, I’ll turn now to the tough one. The question no expectant parent truly wants to answer:  who Read More

Beyond the Birth Plan: Tough decisions for new parents (part 2)

If you or your partner are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, you need to talk about death. That’s right. Death. In the excitement of planning for a new life, death is often the last subject that people want to talk about. This is Part 2 of a series explaining why that avoidance is a huge Read More

Beyond the Birth Plan: Tough decisions for new parents (part 1)

I won’t lie, this topic is pretty depressing. Not like the majority of work seen by a matrimonial attorney, right? (Just kidding.) Okay new parents, let’s do this; let’s talk about estate planning. Every pregnant woman should have a last will and testament, a living will, and a health care proxy. It sounds morbid, and it Read More

An Infidelity App?

Is technology making it more difficult to have an affair? The most lawyerly answer possible is,  “it depends.” Cell phone records, browser histories, GPS tracking, apps like Find my iPhone, and keystroke recorders all make it somewhat easier to track a careless (or clueless) cheating spouse. On the other hand, several apps seem to be making infidelity Read More

Divorce and Real Estate in NYC: The opposite of a love story

Getting divorced in NYC can be emotionally and financially exhausting. The NYC real estate market often makes a divorce even more difficult due to the seemingly impossible task of finding a new affordable place to live, which becomes increasingly difficult when there are children in need of a second or third bedroom. These circumstances can result in Read More

Don’t Rely on a Lawyer for Therapy

The former billionaire, Scot Young, fell four stories to his death following a lengthy divorce battle; one of the many reports can be found here.  While it has yet to be determined whether this tragedy was a suicide, it serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health care before, during and after a divorce. We encourage Read More